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I told him what happened, and he went inside and came back with an American Idol assistant, who got me in.Out of more than 40,000 people, I was the last person to audition.That led to two albums, one memoir, and spectacular success as the star of The Color Purple—proof that the American Dream is alive and well and living on Broadway.

At 14 she dropped out of high school and moved out; at 17 she became pregnant. Her story could have ended there; so many others have.Since I discovered Alice Walker's novel years ago, I've loved this story of the triumph of the spirit in all its forms—as a book (it remains one of my favorites), a movie (I played Sofia), and a Broadway musical (I co-produced it).Yet when I saw Fantasia's transformative performance, I experienced this work in a completely new way.People in High Point started talking: "I think that Fantasia girl is tryin' to sing again." I felt like I was coming back; I had faith again.Oprah: So when you got to the audition at the Georgia Dome—I love this part of your story—the place is flooded with potential contestants… I couldn't believe there were so many singers in the world.

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